Antenatal Ultrasound

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First trimester
This includes the first pregnancy scan to locate the pregnancy, check for twins (or more) and any potential risk factors such as fibroids or ovarian cysts. At about 12 weeks we perform a high definition scan to check for gross abnormalities of the baby and also measure the nuchal thickness for prenatal screening mainly for Down’s syndrome. 3D pictures can be quite impressive even at this stage of the pregnancy.
Second trimester
This is a level-2 scan where, again in high definition, we can observe the various features of the baby’s brain, heart and other organs. The baby’s face is also checked for anomalies as well as the spine for any neural tube defects. The uterine and umbilical arteries are also studied and calculations regarding the resistance of blood flow are made. The cervix is also measured to assess the risk of premature labour.
3D/4D Real life Ultrasound
At any stage in pregnancy 3D and real time 4D images are taken (as long as the baby is not shy!) and we use the most advanced high-definition scanning equipment available in the market.


We offer general gynaecological consultations and examinations such as a Pap test (smear test) infection screening for sexually transmitted diseases, HPV (DNA) testing and pelvic assessment of the reproductive tract. We also offer specialised investigation and treatment of conditions such as urinary problems, gynaecological oncology and persistent menstrual problems. We have high definition ultrasound equipment and skills to assess the pelvic area for conditions such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis polycystic ovaries and ovarian cysts and masses. Gynaecological high definition imaging and arterial Doppler can also be performed, if required.

Cancer Screening

There is a cancer screening program for cervical cancer with regular follow ups and colposcopy with biopsy or loop excision of the cervix in cases of Pap test abnormalities. All these are done very swiftly and we work with specialised cytopathologists and histopathologists with vast experience in the field to offer you the highest cancer and pre-cancer detection and treatment rates possible. Ovarian cancer screening is also offered, including regular high definition ultrasound of the ovaries, dopplers and blood tests for tumour markers. Early detection or suspicion of malignancy can be treated by laparoscopic surgery as a daycase. Breast cancer is also screened by regular mammograms and breast ultrasound combined with the clinical examination during a check up. Should any masses be detected we can perform an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy for diagnosis or work with a breast surgeon for complete excision depending on the findings.
Cancer of the uterus usually presents itself at an early stage but nevertheless during our check-up we assess in detail the lining of the womb which can be associated with this type of cancer and pre-cancerous conditions.


We currently see about 150 patients per day in our extremely efficient and comfortable ground floor outpatients department. All pregnant women, before seeing their doctor, are seen by our midwife for all the antenatal tests required in the custom-made nurses’ room. Any medication required can also be administered there. The reception is fully staffed and our networked systems provide an efficient appointment service that aims to reduce delays to a minimum. We strongly adhere to this system because we believe that patients in the private sector should not have to wait more than 10 minutes for their appointment.

Even before getting pregnant we strongly advise for a pre-pregnancy counselling appointment to discuss various issues, identify risks and offer correct advice in trying to get pregnant. We have a complete antenatal program to cover the very early stages of pregnancy including diagnosis, identification of risks, pregnancy ultrasound and investigations. At a later stage we proceed to the prenatal screening for Down’s Syndrome and other abnormalities and at 22 weeks’ gestation we offer the level-2 detailed ultrasound for structural fetal abnormalities. Regular screening is carried out for diabetes and other medical conditions in pregnancy and we also manage high risk pregnancies such as twins, pre-eclampsia, thyroid problems and complicated obstetric history.

When the time comes to deliver your baby we have a strong multi-disciplinary team comprised of obstetricians, midwives, neonatal nurses, theatre nurses, anaesthetists and paediatricians. Our private labour rooms are fully equipped with a private shower/bath, monitoring facilities for the baby and a neonatal resuscitation station for the delivery of the baby. We have a team of five experienced midwives, including UK experience, and a one-to-one care. We also follow strict safety and treatment protocols based on guidelines from the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Pain relief can range from a simple bath to a mobile epidural inserted by our experienced anaesthetists. Your obstetrician is directly involved with your care and is the one delivering the baby with the midwife’s assistance. An experienced consultant paediatrician is always present during delivery and we are fully equipped with neonatal resuscitation gear to cover all emergencies, should they arise.