Jewish egg donation program – Certified Jewish donors

Many intended parents who come to ISIS, for egg donation treatment, are concerned that their particular ethnic background and heritage will be lost if they cannot find an egg donor who comes from the same background as them. For our Jewish clients, heritage and genetic lineage are even more important, especially as a child traditionally inherits their 'Jewishness' through the mother.

We are happy to announce that our clinic offers certified Jewish egg donors who are certified to be of Jewish by PUHA

ISIS clinic works with you to find a Jewish egg donor who is the right fit for your family. Hebrew-speaking associate coordinator on standby whenever needed. We specialize in connecting Jewish egg donors with Jewish intended parents, and we offer a variety of services and arrangements to meet your specific needs.

The donors who choose to work through our Jewish egg donor program are personally interviewed and thoroughly informed of the processes, both medical and legal, that are required of this commitment before they proceed.

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