Apply to be an Egg Donor

It is a privilege to be an egg donor so we hope you are excited to embark on this journey.

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What is egg donation? 

Egg donation is a treatment option with high pregnancy success rates for women, who are unable for whatever reason to get pregnant with their own eggs. Eggs are donated by young and healthy women with good ovarian reserve.

6 simple steps to becoming an egg donor – learn more  

Who can become an egg donor?

Age between 18-33 years old
• No history of a transmittable disease
• No personal family history of inheritable disorders
• No history of previously responding poorly to infertility drugs
• No history of endometriosis 

What are the benefits of becoming an egg donor?

• Routine blood tests
• Genetic blood tests
• Legal compensation according to the European guidelines
• Free gynecological advice

Step by Step Guide to Becoming an Egg Donor

Step 1: Fill Out Our Preliminary Application
Potential egg donors must complete the online application. Click here to fill out our egg donor application.

Step 2: Arrange a phone conversation with coordinator and book an initial appointment
During this appointment, we give to the potential donor all the details about the egg donation program, answer to any questions and walk through the entire procedure. The egg donor visit our fertility specialist for a small examination and routine blood work.

Step 3: Acceptance into Our Program
Once the small examination and blood screening is fine, you have been accepted into the program and the matching process with future parents starts.

Step 4: Matching process and selection by intended parent
When an Intended Parent comes to our clinic, we help them find an egg donor based on the characteristics they are looking for. Usually it is characteristics similar to the intended mother, such as ethnicity, hair color, eye color, etc. We then provide egg donor profiles to the Intended Parents to review based on their specific criteria. All the process is fully anonymous. Upon selection, we will contact you to share the good news!

Step 5: The stimulation process begins
Once we are ready to proceed with the cycle, the coordinator will provide you with cycle dates, a medication instruction sheet and the schedule for your monitoring appointments that you attend while taking medication. The coordinator will schedule an in-person appointment or phone call to do injection teaching. Egg donors will take medications for approximately 2 weeks and will have approximately 2-4 monitoring appointments. Monitoring appointments consist of an ultrasound and blood draw to monitoring your response to the medications.

Step 6: The Egg Retrieval
The egg retrieval procedure will be completed at the clinic. The procedure itself is no more than 20 – 30 minutes. You will be required to come in earlier and be fasting. You will be under monitored anesthesia care. You will be closely monitored by the gynecologist –fertility specialist and anesthesiologist throughout the procedure. Once the procedure is done, you will stay in the recovery room for approximately 1 hour to allow your vitals to return to normal. You are required to bring a companion along with you to drive you home. You will be on bed rest for the remainder of the day.