In 2006 Dr Andreas Mavrides a Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist returned to Cyprus after 16 years working at the best hospitals and fertility units in the UK. Upon his return he founded ISIS, a specialist private medical company for constructing, taking over and running boutique style medical centres. His lifelong dream was to bring to the region the very best in care for women both for local and pan European patients, combining the very best in doctor care and state of the art technology. ISIS Clinic, first project in Nicosia Cyprus, was completed in early 2009 after three years of planning and construction. It involved taking over an existing maternity clinic and completely renovating it to meet all European hospital standards. The project was meticulously designed and executed to the finest detail with Dr Mavrides’ direct input and supervision to deliver a much needed change in regional health care. Dr Sozos Fasouliotis, a fertility specialist who worked in Israel and the USA, soon joined ISIS. Top-quality construction and equipment as well as recruitment of the finest staff, including doctors, nurses, embryologists and midwives make ISIS Clinic now the most modern and state-of-the-art gynaecology, maternity and fertility centre in Cyprus, offering one of the best success rates in fertility. We offer a contemporary approach to surgery and maternity care leading to the best outcome and maximum patient satisfaction. 

The Clinic


There are two fully-equipped theatres utilising the latest technology in operating tables, operating lighting, anaesthesia stations and monitoring. One of the theatre rooms is custom-built for laparoscopic work, one of the clinic's strongest assets We currently perform all our laparoscopic surgery (diagnostic and operative) using high definition (HD) equipment with monitor brackets and even the lighting in the theatre is custom-made to make laparoscopic operating more ergonomic and efficient. All our equipment and instruments are checked daily and we have on-site electronically controlled washing and sterilisation facilities, which are performed by specially trained nurses; we have three nurses dedicated full time to theatres and with vast experience in the field of maternity and laparoscopic work.