Prenatal parent workshop for the preparation of all stages of pregnancy

Information on the physiology of childbirth, signs of childbirth, pain relief, the father’s role, care of the newbon

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Seminars and Online Webinars

• 1st prenatal webinar (from the 12th week): Normal physiological, physical and psychological changes during pregnancy. Nutrition advice. (Free)
• 2nd prenatal webinar (from the 28th – 32nd week): Preparation of parents for the advantages and the techniques of breastfeeding. (Free)

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Massage during pregnancy can relieve symptoms of edema, joint and muscle pain. It also plays an important role in improving the circulation of the lymph as well as the blood, and aids in the balancing of hormone levels. In addition, it benefits both the pregnant woman and the embryo as it contributes to the reduction of stress and the general psychological wellbeing of the mother, in this way offering the embryo a more peaceful environment in which it can develop smoothly. Ideal also during the postpartum period, a massage provides relief from postpartum pains and offers moments of relaxation.
The whole body massage is carried out by a certified massage therapist, with a special emphasis placed on parts of the body according to each woman’s indiivdual needs. 


Motherhood, from the initial thoughts of planning for a pregnancy right up until the birth and afterwards, is a unique psychological experience for every individual woman. Pregnancy and motherhood bring with them immense joy and satisfaction, as well as significant changes that may sometimes lead to anxieties, fears and insecurities both in the mother and in the father.

The clinic provides psychological support with a registered clinical psychologist for all the stages of parenthood, from the initial stages right up to the period after childbirth, to support you during your journey of motherhood. 



The more active and energetic a woman is during her pregnancy, the easier she will be able to adapt to the normal physical changes and needs of her body, not only during the pregnancy but also during childbirth and the postnatal recovery period.

With the guidance of our specially trained staff, pregnant women can achieve:
Psychological and physical wellbeing
Greater endurance during pregnancy and childbirth
Prevention against gestational diabetes


This is intended for mothers and fathers of babies from 3 weeks until 12 months old, and is carried out by a Certified Massage Therapist IAIM (International Association of infant Massage).

Baby massage is a wonderful way for you to relax and engage with your baby both physically and emotionally, through which you can offer the infant a beautiful sensory experience through touch, enhancing and deepening the communication between mother and child.

The baby massage:
• Offers relief from infant aches and pains such as colic,      discomfort from constipation, teething etc.
• Helps infants to be calm
• Is beneficial for babies who were born prematurely or who have  had to cope with a stressful birth experience.



Our clinic provides a broad range of nutritional services through an accredited dietician/nutritionist with experience in women during pregnancy and lactation. Our nutritional services are individualised based on the needs of each pregnant woman, helping her to:

• Maintain her weight within the desirable range during pregnancy
• Address any problems such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure during pregnancy and bloating during pregnancy.

A healthy diet is very important both for a healthy pregnancy and for the health of the baby after it is born.