About Pregnancy & Delivery

  • At ISIS Clinic in Cyprus, we provide unparalleled pregnancy care and delivery support.
  • Explore comprehensive services, including full antenatal care and personalized delivery options.
  • Trust in our commitment to your care throughout your pregnancy journey.

Why Should You Choose To Give Birth At ISIS Clinic?

  • Choose ISIS Clinic for expert childbirth care, guided by UK consultants.
  • Personalized labor care with advanced technology, including a neonatal resuscitation station and an emergency theatre.
  • 24/7 access to pregnancy scans and a resident obstetric anaesthetist to ensure top-tier care.
  • Experience comfort during birth with your partner by your side in a private ensuite room.
  • Benefit from extensive postnatal services, including newborn checks and breastfeeding support.

Journey To Motherhood

Even before getting pregnant, we strongly advise you to book a pre-pregnancy counselling appointment to discuss various issues, identify any potential risks and offer correct advice when trying to get pregnant. We have a complete antenatal programme to cover the very early stages of pregnancy including diagnosis, identification of risks, pregnancy ultrasound and investigations.

At a later stage we proceed to the prenatal screening for Down’s syndrome and other abnormalities. At 22 weeks’ gestation, we offer the level-2 detailed ultrasound for structural foetal abnormalities. Regular screening is also carried out for diabetes and other medical conditions in pregnancy, and we also manage high risk pregnancies such as twins, pre-eclampsia, thyroid problems, as well as a complicated obstetric history.
A prenatal or pregnancy ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture of your baby on a screen. Ultrasound scans are carried out at the different stages of your pregnancy to help access the progress of your unborn baby as they develop in the womb. These scans and stages include:

First Trimester
This includes the first pregnancy scan to locate the pregnancy, check on the health of the baby, check for twins (or more) and any potential risk factors. At about 12 weeks we perform a high-definition scan to check for serious abnormalities and measure the nuchal thickness (an area of tissue at the back of an unborn baby's neck) for prenatal screening mainly for Down’s syndrome. ISIS Clinic also offers pregnant mothers non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), including Veragene, Veracity and Neobona test, which can be carried out alongside your regular ultrasounds from 10 weeks gestation.
These simple, safe and accurate tests allow the measurement of foetal DNA in the mother’s blood and can be used to detect the most common chromosol birth defects such as Down’s syndrome (Trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (Trisomy 18), Patau syndrome (Trisomy 13), sex chromosome (X & Y), aneuploidies (chromosomal changes) and microdeletions (loss of a small section of a chromosome).

Second trimester
This is a level-2 scan where, again in high-definition, we can observe the various features of the baby’s brain, heart, and other organs. The baby’s face is also checked for abnormalities as well as the spine for any neural tube defects. The uterine and umbilical arteries are also examined and calculations regarding the resistance of blood flow are made. We will also measure the cervix to assess the risk of premature labour.

3D/4D Real life Ultrasound
At any stage in pregnancy 3D and real time 4D images are taken (as long as the baby is not shy!) and we use the most advanced high-definition scanning equipment available on the market.
When the time comes to deliver your baby, we have a strong multi-disciplinary team comprised of obstetricians, midwives, neonatal nurses, theatre nurses, anaesthetists, and paediatricians. Our private labour rooms are fully equipped with a private shower/bath, monitoring facilities for the baby and a neonatal resuscitation station (if required) for the delivery of the baby. We have an extensive team of experienced midwives offering one-to-one care.

External cephalic version (ECV)
At the ISIS Clinic we also use a cutting-edge and safe technique called ECV, whereby our experienced gynaecologists use a gentle and specialised manipulation technique over the abdomen to rotate the embryo from ischial to cephalic projection. By doing so, this reduces the likelihood of requiring a planned caesarean section and increases the probability of a successful natural delivery. Our success rate for this procedure stands at 70%.

Vaginal birth after caesarean delivery (VBAC)
VBAC is the term used when a woman gives birth vaginally, having had a caesarean birth in the past. Our clinic is the trusted choice for women who have had a previous C-section and wish to pursue a normal delivery. We have a high success rate of 9 out of 10 deliveries being completed successfully.

We also follow strict safety and treatment protocols based on guidelines from the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. We offer pain relief ranging from a simple bath to a mobile epidural inserted by our experienced anaesthetists. Your obstetrician is directly involved with your care and is the one delivering the baby with the midwife’s assistance.

An experienced consultant paediatrician is always present during delivery, and we are fully equipped with neonatal resuscitation gear to cover all emergencies, should they arise.

Prenatal & Postnatal Care

The ISIS Clinic offers a range of services aimed at enhancing the connection between a mother and her baby, as well as providing prenatal education. Placing emphasis on the mother, the clinic provides comprehensive support to address all her needs.

Prenatal parent workshops can help you to prepare for your baby’s birth. The workshops provide information on the physiology stages and signs of childbirth, pain relief, the father’s role and care of the newborn.

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Our lactation consultant is here to help you on your breastfeeding journey and offer the relevant information and suggestions.

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Motherhood, from the initial thoughts of planning for a pregnancy, right up until the birth and afterwards, is a unique psychological experience for every woman. 

Pregnancy and motherhood bring immense joy and satisfaction, as well as significant changes that may sometimes lead to anxieties, fears and insecurities both in the mother and in the father.

The clinic provides psychological support with a registered clinical psychologist for all the stages of parenthood, from the initial stages right up to the period after childbirth, to support you during your journey. 

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Exercising during pregnancy
The more active and energetic a woman is during her pregnancy, the easier she will be able to adapt to the normal physical changes and needs of her body. Not only during the pregnancy but also during childbirth and the postnatal recovery period.

With the guidance of our specially trained staff, pregnant women can achieve:

  • Psychological and physical wellbeing
  • Greater endurance during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Prevention against gestational diabetes

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During and after pregnancy

At ISIS Clinic, we also offer prenatal and postnatal massage therapy. Massages during pregnancy can relieve symptoms of oedema and joint and muscle pain. It also plays an important role in improving the circulation of the lymphatic and blood systems, as well as aiding in the balancing of hormone levels. 

In addition, it benefits both the pregnant woman and the embryo by reducing stress levels. It can also help with the general psychological wellbeing of the mother by offering the embryo a more peaceful environment in which it can develop smoothly. Ideally also during the postpartum period, a massage provides relief from postpartum pains and offers moments of relaxation.

The whole-body massage is carried out by a certified massage therapist, with a special emphasis placed on parts of the body according to each woman’s individual needs. 

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This is intended for mothers and fathers of babies from 3 weeks until 12 months old and is carried out by a certified Massage Therapist IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage).

Baby massage is a wonderful way for you to relax and engage with your baby both physically and emotionally and can offer the infant a beautiful sensory experience through touch, enhancing and deepening the communication between mother and child.

The baby massage:

  • Offers relief from infant aches and pains such as colic, discomfort from constipation, teething etc.
  • Is beneficial for babies born prematurely
  • Helps you and your baby understand each other better
  • Helps to calm and relax both parent and baby
  • Boosts the immune system

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During pregnancy and lactation

A balanced diet is very important for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and the health of the baby after it is born.

Our clinic provides a broad range of nutritional services through an accredited dietician/nutritionist with experience advising women during pregnancy and lactation. 

Our nutritional services are individualised based on the needs of each pregnant woman, helping to:

  • Maintain weight within the desirable range during pregnancy
  • Address any problems such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and bloating during pregnancy

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  • At ISIS Clinic in Cyprus, we provide unparalleled pregnancy care and delivery support.
  • Explore comprehensive services, including full antenatal care and personalized delivery options.
  • Trust in our commitment to your care throughout your pregnancy journey.
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