Semen Analysis

Male factor infertility is the most common cause of fertility issues. A simple semen analysis is therefore a vital test as part of your fertility treatment. Semen assessment by experienced embryologists often allows a more detailed semen analysis and preparation of a sample helps counsel your clinician as to the most appropriate treatment moving forward. At ISIS Clinic we therefore recommend a semen analysis in all men, regardless of general health status. This can often be performed just before your first consultation and the result available by the time your consultant sees you. Ideally there should be a 2-3 day abstinence period prior to the test.
The most important sperm parameters that will be assessed are:
Semen volume
Sperm concentration
Sperm motility and proportion that are “progressively motile”
Sperm morphology (shape/size)
The presence of any white or red blood cells within the sample or immature sperm
The presence of “anti-sperm antibodies” (not perfromed routinely)
The number and motility of the sample after it is prepared as if being used for treatment (only if requested)
Sperm motility and survival will also be assessed 24 hours later (only if requested)
A semen analysis appointment can be booked by contacting the embryology laboratory directly: 00357 22255000 or emailing