Why choose us

History of continued success
Since opening in 2009 we have maintained consistently high IVF success rates while empowering patients to make decisions and ensuring a relaxed atmosphere at a potentially difficult time.
ISIS Clinic philosophy
Fertility clinics have different criteria on who they are willing to treat, based on factors such as age, markers of low ovarian reserve (such as FSH and AMH Levels) and previous treatment history. Our philosophy is to treat all patients with a potential to succeed. After discussing your personal history and performing tests to investigate FSH and AMH levels, we give clear and realistic information about your individual chances of success. We believe that those with a low likelihood of success should also be offered fertility treatment if they wish providing they have been advised of their chances of success.
Fertility refund program
Our high success rates allow us to offer a fertility refund program which guarantees blastocyst formation or cancellation fees are paid by the patient only. This offers peace of mind and major savings without having to compromise top quality treatment. With us you will have access to the most advanced science and the very best chance of having a baby.
Direct access to your doctor
We know how hard fertility treatment can be. We take the unusual step of offering email access direct to your consultant. Our embryology team and fertility coordinators also offers email and telephone support. Although not a replacement for a consultation, particularly for more complicated queries, the ability to contact a staff member directly is invaluable.
Cutting edge science
Our recently expanded laboratory offers the most modern fertility treatment advances to all our patients. We routinely offer blastocyst culture, embryo and egg vitrification. We also offer preimplantation genetic testing of embryos. We also perform 3D pelvic scans and offer surgical expertise to diagnose or treat surgical problems causing fertility issues.
24/7 care
We operate a 7-day service including during the holidays. This ensures the timings of critical events such as egg collection and embryo transfer can occur when it is truly best for you, rather than when it suits the clinic.
We are located within a highly accredited clinic, the ISIS Clinic, which is named after the ancient Goddess of Fertility (Isis) in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. You will only need to visit the clinic approximately twice during your time here so you can take advantage of the lovely weather and beautiful surroundings for the rest of your stay. Our aim is to offer high-quality fertility care in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands. We even help coordinate your flight, travel arrangements and accommodation.
Best price
It is important to consider the cost of private IVF treatment when making decisions about which private fertility clinic to use. Our prices are transparent and include all scans, nurse consultations, embryological lab work, theatre and medical costs (excluding medication and blood screening for HIV, Hepatitis B and C). For a price request, please email us at info@isisclinic.com