Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

Sperm DNA damage (fragmentation) can reduce the success rates of fertility treatments and increase the chance of miscarriage. Many couples trying for a baby through fertility treatments may be missing out on information that could improve their chances of achieving a pregnancy. These couples experience the emotional heartache of infertility and should they be given the “all-clear” from a traditional semen analysis, the only option is an unsatisfactory diagnosis of ‘Unexplained Infertility’.
The integrity of sperm DNA is a new parameter of semen quality and a potential fertility predictor. Several published reports suggest that abnormal sperm DNA fragmentation levels may be associated with failed fertilisation, defective embryo development, implantation failure, or even early abortion. Research has now shown that up to 80% of couples with unexplained infertility have problems in their sperm DNA. So while a semen analysis will reveal basic problems, like not having enough sperm, the quality of the sperm can only be assessed by looking at its DNA. We are pleased to offer our patients a second-generation test for male infertility problems. A sperm DNA test offers a better evaluation of semen quality since a traditional spermiogram fails to take in account the most important parameter, which is the quality of the genetic material supplied by the male as a 50% factor of importance to ensure a pregnancy.
If the sperm DNA damage level is high, then the best chance of success might be going straight to ICSI treatment rather than starting with IVF. But men can also make simple lifestyle changes to improve their sperm DNA when given the right information.
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