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Egg Donation Treatment

We are a leading provider of fertility treatment routinely offering exclusive blastocyst culture and biopsy. Our pregnancy rates with donor eggs are currently 90% in combined fresh and frozen embryo transfer. Our high success rates allow us to offer an egg donation refund program which guarantees blastocyst formation. In the event that no blastocysts develop the patient will not pay the full amount for the treatment, but a cancellation fee. This offers peace of mind and major savings without having to compromise top quality treatment. With us you will have access to the most advanced science and the very best chance of having a baby.
Our egg donation program has thus been carefully developed to provide the highest possible standards of care and treatment. It differs from other international programs in many important ways, the most important being that our team is managed by UK trained fertility specialists and hence operates according to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) standards. The main objective is treatment as soon as possible with no waiting time. This means that once you have completed all the relevant screening tests, you will be able to start treatment immediately, with preparation in your country of residence and a short visit (up to 7 days) to our clinic in Nicosia, Cyprus. All potential donors are examined by a doctor and extensive medical screening is carried out before they are accepted onto the donation program. Donors with proven fertility are preferred. It is worth noting that Cypriot Assisted Conception Legislation (N.69 (I)/2015) prohibits the use of the same donor for more than one family. This means that each egg donor is ‘dedicated’ to one family and each family has exclusive use of this specific donor (for future sibling cycles, etc.).

Step 1: Donor Choice & Preparation
The first step in the egg donation process is for the intended parents to complete a Recipient Characteristics Form which is reviewed by one of our fertility coordinators; should any supplementary tests or investigations be required we inform the patients accordingly and guide them through the investigation part. We are able to offer immediate access to an elite group of healthy egg donors based on each recipients specific requirements. When a suitable donor has been selected and all screening tests have been completed, the donor will begin an ovarian stimulation cycle monitored closely by our fertility specialists. All egg donors are anonymous due to local Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) legislation (N.69 (I)/2015) and thus pictures and other identifying information remain confidential and cannot be disclosed to patients or their offspring in the future.
Step 2: Recipient Preparation
We usually advise freezing all embryos in cases of egg donation. The recipient can then be prepared for embryo transfer during a natural cycle (if feasible) which in our experience will offer the patient the highest possible chance of achieving a pregnancy. Medication and instructions will be provided by one of the ISIS Clinic doctors; recipient preparation routinely involves drug self-administration and one or two ultrasound scans which can be performed at a local fertility specialist. We are able to refer to an acclaimed Harley Street Clinic for the necessary scans. The exact date of the egg collection will be confirmed after the donor’s last ultrasound scan and at that time the final instructions for medication and the embryo transfer date will be given. If the recipient prefers to synchronise her cycle with the egg donors’ for a fresh embryo transfer this can also be arranged. We are usually able to provide approximate treatment dates 6-8 weeks in advance. That is why travel dates can be booked in advance with a minimum of 7 days stay to allow for any slight date changes. For last minute bookings it is possible to reduce the stay to 4-5 days.
Step 3: Egg collection and Embryo Transfer
Once the eggs have been collected from the donor, they are combined with the sperm of the recipient's partner (or donor sperm in certain cases) and incubated (IVF/ICSI); thus, a sperm sample must be provided on the day of egg collection. Alternatively, we can arrange to have frozen sperm shipped to our clinic. After fertilization and if subsequent embryo cleavage occurs a fresh embryo transfer is scheduled or all suitable top quality embryos are frozen (vitrified at the blastocyst stage) for future use. Embryo transfer is routinely carried out on day 5 (blastocyst stage) post egg collection depending on embryo development and quality. In total, if using a fresh sperm sample and if a fresh embryo transfer is scheduled the intended parents will need to visit the clinic twice during their stay in Cyprus. Should a frozen sperm sample be used or if a frozen embryo transfer is planned, the recipient will only need to travel to the clinic once.

All treatments above include ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection), blastocyst culture, all embryo freezing if applicable as well as the first year’s embryo cryo-storage fees. A complimentary semen analysis and back-up freeze is offered to all egg donation patients prior to the egg collection date. Fertility drugs are not included in this price. Fertility drugs are not included in this price. For our international patients, we routinely collaborate with an accredited online pharmacy with a home delivery service and can provide a valid prescription if required. Payment for the egg donation treatment is paid directly to ISIS one week prior to egg collection.
Accommodation/Travel: We have secured discounted rates with local hotels (details can be provided upon request) and can book airport transfers to your hotel if requested.
Further information: Please feel free to contact us at any time: our co-ordinators liaise directly with our fertility specialists in order to clarify any queries, offer advice on arranging further investigations and to schedule treatment in order for patients to be fully optimised for their treatment.