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Sperm Donation Treatment

We are a leading provider of fertility treatment routinely offering exclusive blastocyst culture and biopsy. Our high success rates allow us to offer a sperm donation refund program which guarantees blastocyst formation or else cancellation fees are paid by the patient only. This offers peace of mind and major savings without having to compromise top quality treatment. With us you will have access to the most advanced science and the very best chance of having a baby.
Our sperm donation program has thus been carefully developed to provide the highest possible standards of care and treatment. It differs from other international programs in many important ways, the most important being that our team is managed by UK trained fertility specialists and hence operates according to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) standards. The main objective is treatment as soon as possible with no waiting time. This means that once you have completed all the relevant screening tests, you will be able to start treatment immediately, with preparation in your country of residence and a short visit (up to 7 days) to our clinic in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Step 1: Donor Choice & Preparation
We routinely work with CRYOS International ( and the European Sperm Bank ( but we would be happy to import sperm from any other accredited international sperm bank of your choice. It is very important to note that under Cypriot Assisted Conception Legislation (N.69 (I)/2015) we can only treat patients with anonymous gamete donors. In order to simplify the process we have decided to allow our patients to purchase their donor sperm directly from the sperm bank of their choice with delivery to the ISIS Clinic in Cyprus. Before an order has been placed you will require confirmation by us that the sperm bank is indeed accredited and licensed and that we are able to receive the selected samples. Please note we can only accept deliveries in liquid nitrogen shipper tanks from licensed and accredited international sperm banks. This ensures complete transparency in terms of cost of samples and shipment fees. Once the samples have arrived at the clinic an annual cryo-storage fee will apply until all samples have been either used or discarded.
Alternatively, once you have selected your donor you can send us the donor code and we can order the sperm for you. In both cases, once an order has been placed the samples arrive at our clinic within 3 working days.
Step 2: Preparation and Screening tests required
The process leading up to either IVF or ICSI involves taking injections to stimulate the ovaries, an egg collection procedure under mild sedation and processing your chosen donor sperm sample to fertilize your eggs. Prior to confirming you are eligible for treatment we routinely require:
    a pelvic ultrasound (baseline scan)
    AMH result (anti mullerian hormone)
    blood screening (both partners) for VDRL, HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
We are happy to accept screening results carried out within one year of intended treatment – these must be sent to us for review prior to planning treatment. Once these preliminary investigations have been performed and in turn reviewed by one of our fertility specialists we can proceed to plan treatment. At this point you will be sent a treatment schedule detailing all the medication you will be required to take including dosages and timings and when monitoring ultrasound scans will need to be performed.
For international patients there are two treatment options:
    Start the treatment cycle in your home country; during the initial stages of this process you will need a local doctor to perform monitoring ultrasound scans and provide the relevant medication (the timings for these will be detailed on the treatment schedule); alternatively, we can provide you with a prescription and you could purchase your medication privately. You will then be required to travel to Cyprus approximately 1 or 2 days prior to the planned egg collection date – in this case your maximum stay in Cyprus would be 7 days, i.e. one visit will suffice. We advise that patients start taking an oral contraceptive pill prior to treatment so that we can manipulate their cycle according to preferred travel dates.
    Have the whole treatment cycle performed in Cyprus - in which case you should plan to visit for about 3 weeks.
Step 3: Egg collection and Embryo Transfer
Once the eggs have been collected, they are combined with the donor sperm and incubated (IVF/ICSI). After fertilization and if subsequent embryo cleavage occurs a fresh embryo transfer is scheduled or all suitable top quality embryos are frozen (vitrified at the blastocyst stage) for a future embryo transfer. Embryo transfer is routinely carried out on day 5 (blastocyst stage) post egg collection depending on embryo development and quality. If a fresh embryo transfer is scheduled the intended parents will need to visit the clinic only twice during their stay in Cyprus (once for the egg collection and a second time for the embryo transfer).

All treatments above include blastocyst culture, all embryo freezing if applicable, as well as the first year’s embryo cryo-storage fees. Fertility drugs are not included in this price. For our international patients, we routinely collaborate with an accredited online pharmacy with a home delivery service and can provide a valid prescription if required. Payment for the donor sperm is paid directly to the relevant sperm bank or to ISIS Clinic if the order is being made on your behalf. Payment in full is required one week prior to egg collection.

Accommodation/Travel: We have secured discounted rates with local hotels (details can be provided upon request) and can book airport transfers to your hotel if requested.
Further information: Please feel free to contact us at any time:; our co-ordinators liaise directly with our fertility specialists in order to clarify any queries, offer advice on arranging further investigations and to schedule treatment in order for patients to be fully optimised for their treatment.